Social Media Analytics

When you are using social media it is important to track the insights and analytics.  Each site has a way of providing you with this information.  There are some basic metrics.  You should always look at your shares, followers/ fans, and subscribers.  Here are some basic overall insights to look at if you are pressed for time.  This information will help you know how your posts are doing.  However these categories will not give you information about your demographics.  For more detailed information about insights from each social media site follow our blog for upcoming posts.

  • Facebook Insights – The overall gives you your basic information like page likes, post reach, and the engagement.  This is very important to track and easy to understand.  It also provides you information about your different posts.  This will help you know what types of posts are getting the best response.
  • Twitter Analytics – The main page gives you mentions, follows, and unfollows. This is the main way to figure out your audience growth.   It also gives you the favs, retweets, and replies for each post. This information is for each post.
  • LinkedIn Analytics – The analytics page lists each post and gives you the impressions, interactions, and engagement.  The page insights have the page views, unique visitors, and page clicks.  It is important to follow you page insights as well as your posting analytics.
  • Google Plus Insights – The page gives you followers and views. This tracks your audience growth.   It also gives you information about each post such as views and action.
  • Pinterest Analytics – The page will give you the pins, repins, and pinners.  There are also graphs that have impressions and reach and click and visitors.

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Top 5 Social Media Networks for Business Marketing 2014

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Social Mediais trending high on digital screens; people/businesses are busy in convincing and engaging people/customers through. The social trend has overtaken the business world inside and now businesses are adopting many social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more. These leading social media are playing pivotal yet crucial role in communicating, engaging, convincing and converting the market.  If you are a small business, online marketer or some blogger and if you are not communicating audience through social media, you are not doing online marketing. Online marketing is an essential step towards your business/brand promotion yet branding.


Every social media that we use today for personal or business networking and communicationhave something different to offer- Features and Interactions with their huge audience base. Based on their audience base, engagement and most hours spend on each platform following are the top 5 social media platform that every individual…

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Reusing Content on Social Media

Creating content for social media is very time consuming.  However, you can reuse content on various social media sites.

  • Blog Articles – Post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Plus, give quick summaries on Twitter
  • Pictures – Post on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Google Plus
  • Videos – Post on Vine or YouTube, link over from Google Plus
  • Presentations – Post on YouTube, quick tips or facts on Twitter
  • Webinars – Post summaries on a blog, quick facts on Twitter, video clips on YouTube
  • eBooks – Post chapters on a blog, quick facts on Twitter, links on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Plus

There are many other ways you can reuse the same content.  You can change the type of content or the social media site.  You should be creative but keep in mind the basic rules for creating content.

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How to Set Up Your Social Media Profile

First you need to figure out which social media sites are right for your business.  Then you need to setup your account and profile.  Your profile is important because it gives the customer an image of your business and information.  You should fill out as much information as possible in your profile.

  • Profile Picture – This picture shows up next to your name.  It is a good idea to use your logo.
  • Cover Photo/ Header – This picture should capture the customer’s attention.  It should not include contact information.
  • Voice – You need to figure out what type of voice you would like to use.  Would you like to keep things casual, formal, informative, fun, ect.  This should be aligned with the voice of your business.
  • Contact – You should include all of your contact information including phone number, address, website, and email address.
  • Information – You should include a description of your business and products or services that you offer.  You can also include hours, history, and an about us section.

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Social Media

Social Media is a great way to connect with customers.  It helps form a relationship and opens communication.  Which social media sites are right for your business?

Facebook – 1 billion users, most popular, every business needs a page, post polls and questions

Twitter – real time connection and news, discounts, special offers, tips

LinkedIn – B2B business, generates leads, traffic, shows a position of leadership

YouTube – videos, interviews, discussions, demonstrations, events

Instagram – pictures, showcase new products, special offers, what’s going on in your office

Pinterest – bulletin board type, pin pictures and infographics to your board from the internet

WordPress – blog, writing articles to inform people about your business and industry

Google Plus – combined with google maps, google places, shows up in google searches, post new products, special offers

Vine – short video clips, what’s going on in your office, short clip of an event

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