Email Marketing Statistics

Statistics are necessary to decide if your email marketing is working for you.  One of the most basic items to look at is the number of opens and the number of clicks.  If your emails are opened but no one is clicking on the links, you are not getting any sales.  This is the most basic information you will need.

You should also keep track of the number of subscribers opting-in and opting-out.  You always need people to opt-in to keep your email list growing.  This increases your reach and potential sales.  Some people will also opt-out.  This is normal and expected.  Try to keep track of the reasons why a subscriber decided to opt-out.  Are you sending too many emails?  Did the subscribers interests, location, or job change?  The reasons might have nothing to do with your company.

After the basic information, you should keep track of actual sales-related information.  Check the stats of the landing page.  Did they click accidentally or actually spend some time reading the site?  How many inquires did you get?  How many sales did you close?

Lastly, keep track of social shares.  Is your email getting shared on social media sites?  Which sites are getting the most shares?  How can you use this with your social media marketing?


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Email Marketing Content

The subject line is the first and sometimes only part of the email that the subscriber will see.  Make sure that the subject line catches the subscriber’s attention.  The subject line is the main deciding factor as to whether or not the email gets opened or deleted.

Once the email gets opened the reader is looking for content.  The top of the email has the pre-text header.  Make sure you change and customize it; don’t leave a general “If you are having trouble…”  Make sure the subscriber knows the purpose of the email.  You can send emails with offers, sales information, company news, event information, or anything else related.

Include pictures and text.  Most of the time pictures are not automatically downloaded.  If there is no text, there is no message.  This is why it is important to create an HTML version of the email.  Everyone wants to read a nice email that is well laid out and is aesthetically pleasing.  However, the most important part is still the content.  Even if you only have one summary paragraph of text the subscriber will know the content.  The actual text should not just be thrown in at the bottom though, since if nothing shows up chances are they might not scroll all the way down.

Always include an opt-out link at the bottom.

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Email Marketing Timing

The timing of your email marketing campaign is very important.  The only way the campaign can be a success is if the subscriber actually opens and reads the email.  If you send too many emails the reader can get annoyed and opt-out or even worse just delete the emails.  Therefore you need to make sure that your email has a purpose.
Make sure the subscribers know when to expect the emails.  Are you sending daily, weekly, or monthly emails?  Are you announcing a new product or service?

Think about the best time of day to send the emails.  Are the emails for a business or an individual?  You should send business emails to a business email address in the morning or during the work day.  Personal emails are best if they are sent before work, during lunch, or after work.

Think about which email would be more effective:

1) Saturday morning 9:00AM – Information about a new marketing webinar or a discount for the local children’s game room?  The weekends are normally spent with family and not at work.  More people are looking for fun activities than thinking about work.

2) Tuesday at 11:00AM – A free social media analysis for your business or the newest promotion for the hottest night club?  While people are at work they are not checking their personal email.  They are thinking about their job and what needs to be done.   People are not thinking about their weekend plans at the beginning of the week at work.

3) Thursday at 6:00PM – An online clothing sale or free business cards with purchase of office supplies?  After work people are more likely to do some online shopping for themselves.  Most people would like to leave work at work.

Also keep in mind that not everyone lives in the same time zone as your business.  If you keep track of the location using a segmented list you can make sure they receive the email at an appropriate time.  You should always try sending the email at different times at the beginning.  Use the statistics to figure out what works best for your business.


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Email Marketing Opt-In Form

The opt-in form is very important.  This is how the subscribers sign up to receive your emails.  You want to collect the individual’s information, but do not want to require too much information that the subscriber decides that it is too much work to sign up.  You can collect this additional information in one of two ways.  First, you can include it on the original sign up form but not make it required.  Some people will skip it, some will fill it out.  However, this makes the form look longer so some people still might not want to answer all of the questions.  You can also allow customers to log in and fill out additional information after they have already signed up.  This requires an extra step though.

The location of the opt-in form is also important.  You want to make sure that the link to the form is easy to find.  You can have the link in the header or footer.  You can also choose to put in on the side of the page.  When the link is in the header a potential subscriber will immediately see the link but ,might forget about it while he or she is reading the content of the site.  If the link is in the footer someone will have to scroll all the way down the page to find it but, will be reminded after the read the content.  You can also have multiple links.

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Email Marketing Personalization

You want to make the subscriber feel special.  Subscribers know that most email advertisements are sent out to a massive list of customers; therefore it is important for the subscriber to feel like this email is exclusively for them.  Use the subscriber’s name in the message and subject line.  This creates a little more personalization and is very easy to do.  Also make sure the email fits the interest of the subscriber.  Someone who is getting divorced most likely does not want to see the newest wedding gowns of the season or the most romantic getaway.
Give the customer something for subscribing to the email list.  You can include a discount or free offer with a purchase.  Many people are also excited about seeing a preview or a pre-sale for a new product.  They like to know that they are receiving this information before it is released to the general public.

A great way to customize your campaign is by having segmented lists.  There are many different factors you can use to create a list.  Subscribers can also be on multiple lists if they fit the criteria.  You can have lists based on interests, demographics, and prior purchases.  You can even create lists with birthdays for birthday offers.  You should also keep track of personal emails compared to business emails.
Use the opt-in form’s questions to help create the lists.  The easiest way to keep your lists accurate and up-to-date is by using a database.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the most important types of marketing.  People check their email multiple times a day, whether on a computer, smart phone, tablet or other device.


  • It can be more cost effective than direct mailing; you do not need to pay for printing or postage.
  • People can opt-out of receiving emails instead of throwing away the postcard.
  • Emails are delivered almost immediately rather than waiting for the mail.
  • People almost always have access to email.

There are a few things that a business owner needs to remember to create an effective email.  There are two parts to an email marketing campaign.

You need to make the email eye-catching and appealing to the customers.

  • The subject line is the first, and sometimes the only part of your email that a customer will see.  The subject line needs to catch the customer’s attention.
  • If you are including pictures in the email, you should include alt tags for subscribers who do not download the images automatically.  Pictures are always recommended to catch a customer’s attention.
  • The pre-header text should be creative.  Do not use the standard, “If you are having difficulty viewing…”
  • Make sure to include text in the email to describe what you are trying to advertise.  Do not only use pictures.
  • The email and campaign needs to be relevant to your subscribers.  The content and timing is important.
  • Make the emails interactive.  They should be easily shared through social media sites.

You need to constantly reassess and revise your campaigns.

  • Always try to increase the number of subscribers you have in your email list.
  • It should be easy to opt into your email marketing.  Also, make it easy to sign up.  Avoid long questionnaires and in-depth applications.
  • You need to make sure that your emails are relevant to your subscribers.
  • Make sure you are always collecting data and running analytics.
  • To increase sales you should cross-sell products.  You should check the customer satisfaction and add new programs to get customers to come back.
  • Easier to keep analytics, and most companies provide you with statistics for every email marketing campaign.


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