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Make sure your email is HIPAA Compliant

NullCrew FTS posted on Twitter that they hacked 34  Comcast mail servers and posted the data on pastebin as proof.  The data has been removed since it was posted and Comcast says they are investigating it.  It is a good idea to change your passwords just in case.

I called Comcast to find out if  their email is HIPAA compliant.  They informed me that they do not believe that the email is HIPAA compliant so to air on the side of caution you should use a different email service provider.

If you need help finding a HIPAA Compliant email service provider please email us hipaa@margotenterprises.com or call us (631) 403-7731.  We can recommend affordable email service providers that cost less than $5/month.

What does the Extension of Microsoft Windows® XP Support Mean for HIPAA Compliance?

Microsoft Windows® XP Support ends 4/8/2014

Extension only for anti-virus and anti-malware until 7/2015

Microsoft® Office 2003 Support Ends 4/8/2014

The support extension only applies to anti-virus and anti-malware updates.  The support will not be for security risks and bugs.  Therefore you still must upgrade from Microsoft Windows® XP to Microsoft Windows®  7 or 8 by April 8, 2014 to stay HIPAA Compliant.

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What is your next step?

1) Collect all of the Software Installation discs for the software currently on your computer.  You will need to re-install all of the software after the upgrade.

2) Backup all of the data on your computer.  If you have PHI make sure you backup your data to a secure encrypted backup location.

3) Purchase the software from Microsoft® and upgrade your computer.

4) Re-install all of your software and files.  Also make sure that your hard drive is encrypted.

If you need any help with this process you can email us hipaa@margotenterprises.com or call us (631) 403-7731.