SEO Advantages and Disadvantages

SEO has its advantages and disadvantages just like any other form of marketing.


  • Always creating new content will improve your SEO.  This is easy to do with a blog.
  • You can create more inbound links.
  • If your content is timeless it can be used over and over again.
  • Localized SEO is helpful for local businesses.  Use mobile marketing for an added advantage.
  • Google’s algorithm is changing to find websites that are reader friendly not just search engine friendly.


  • SEO is time consuming.
  • Each search engine looks ranks websites differently.
  • Crawlers need to be able to read your site.
  • SEO is a long term project.  It cannot be done quickly.

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SEO will help your business be able to be found online.

  • You need to constantly create new content.  This will help you to become recognized by the search engines.  Blogging is a good way to post frequently.
  • Content that lasts longer than a fad will be needed for years to come and will be looked at regularly.
  • Longer keywords for searches will help provide more specific results.  This will weed out the people who are not looking for your services.
  • Create inbound links to help your website.
  • SEO is especially helpful for local business.  Local SEO is easier to create than generalized SEO.
  • Each search engine has its own algorithm for creating a list of results.  Google® happens to be one of the most popular search engines to use.