December Holiday Sales

Holiday sales continue throughout the entire month of December.  There are a few ways to continue sales throughout the month.  You should only have one item on sale each day or week.  This will give customers incentive to come into your store more than once for each sale.  Hopefully, they will walk out with more than just the sale item each day.  Each of these sales should be advertised and displayed from Thanksgiving on.  This will allow the customers to know which items are for sale and when to come in.

  • You can have 12 Days of Savings.  For the twelve days leading up to Christmas you can have a different sale each day.  This is one way to showcase items that would make great gifts.  It will also keep customers coming in more than once.
  • You can have 25 Days of Savings.  This would begin on December 1 and run through Christmas.  Again, each day would have a different sale.
  • You can also run a Sale of the Week.  Each week you can have a different item for sale.


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