Introduction to Holiday Sales

Everyone knows that holiday sales are the biggest sales and source of revenue for the year.  These sales take time to plan and advertise.  It is best to begin early.

Plan your Holiday Sale.  Think about which items you want to push this year.  Which items are popular?  Which items have a high markup?  Which items make great gifts for the customer who isn’t sure what to buy for someone?

Design your advertisements.  Remember to create advertisements especially for online advertising, postcards for mailings, and flyers for your store.  You can also take out ads in local papers or magazines.  The more places your ad is placed the more likely someone is to see it.  Think about the wording, pictures, and information you would like to include.

Once your advertisements are designed you need to get them printed.  Order them earlier to allow enough time for printing and to give yourself time to send them out, especially during the holidays when everyone else is trying to have their ads printed as well.

Lastly, remember to post and send out your advertisements.


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